For gas and electricity companies the regulator OFGEM has announced the results against the carbon reduction targets. First the good news, Energy companies have achieved 99% of the UK Governments energy efficiency targets for their December 2012 deadline. EDF Energy, Eggborough Power (based in East Yorkshire) E.ON and RWE npower have all achieved their energy efficiency targets. Now the bad news, British Gas, Drax, GDF Suez / IPM, Intergen, Scottish Power and SSE will be investigated for failing their energy efficiency targets.

These targets were set by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change under two schemes. The two schemes are the Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) and the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT). The CESP scheme has been focussed on vulnerable customers in the most deprived areas across Great Britain. Over 150,000 households had at least one energy efficiency measure installed including insulating over 75,000 external solid walls and replacing nearly 43,000 old, inefficient boilers. The energy efficiency schemes saved 312 million life time tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions through energy efficiency measures installed before 31 December 2012.