Scotia Gas Networks (SGN) has won a prestigious Environmental Impact Award in the UK Energy Innovation Awards 2013 competition for its pioneering ‘biogas to grid’ project in Dorset. The award presented in Manchester on the 25th April 2013 recognised SGN and its joint venture partner J V Energen for producing biogas from food and agricultural waste, cleaning it up and making it suitable for injection into the gas network.  It is the country’s first full-scale anaerobic digester and biomethane-to-grid plant that produces biogas from approximately 41,000 tonnes of maize, grass silage and food waste each year and this fuel will be sourced from local farms and businesses.

Scotia Gas Networks Video – Greening the Gas

The Poundbury Project is the result of previous development work at Thames Water’s Didcot wastewater treatment works in Oxfordshire where a group of companies including SGN and Centrica trialled the injection of sewage works gas ‘biomethane’ into the UK gas network.

The Didcot project supplying 200 homes has paved the way for this larger project on the Duchy of Cornwall’s Poundbury Estate in Dorset.  The project was officially opened by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales in November 2012.

Following on from their success SGN will continue to work undertaking innovative development on a number of other green gas projects which are due to come online shortly.  SGN’s long term strategy is to increase the volume of ‘green gas’ entering the network. Green Gas is a clean and renewable source of energy which can help the United Kingdom meet its climate change targets. It can be produced from many different sources including sewage, food waste and energy crops, and the Government subsidy for biogas injection projects is generally more generous than for other incentivised uses.

Alan Midwinter, SGN’s Project Manager for Poundbury, said: “We’re delighted that Poundbury has been recognised as a significant milestone in the future of the energy industry. We are very proud of the achievements we have made there and are looking forward to undertaking more projects of this nature in the future.”

J V Energen Video – Rainbarrow AD Plant

The Environmental Impact Award was sponsored by Earth Capital Partners.

The UK Government’s policy is to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.  Further information is available  at