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SHEA Gas Passport frequently asked questions

EUSR SHEA Gas Passport - Frequently asked questions

Q. How long does the EUSR SHEA Gas Passport Card last for?
A. For three years.

Q. What is the cost of a EUSR SHEA Gas Passport?
A. The total cost comprises two items – EUSR Registration and the training course that we deliver. The cost of the registration is £36 (correct as of December 2022). The ‘Vicarda’ app (CSCS system) is issued for your smart phone. An optional plastic SmartCard with a chip can be purchased. The cost of the course varies according to the location and numbers.

Q. How long does the course take?
A. One working day.

Q. Does the card give you CSCS recognition?
A. Yes, many employers have said that they prefer this route for obtaining CSCS cards as its easier than directly through CSCS.

Q. Where are the training courses held?
A. Delivered by videoconference on ZOOM  or alternatively at your premises in England and Wales. Whatever suits your needs best.

Q. How quickly can I get the training course?
A. This week and probably within two weeks, call to discuss.

Q. I have more questions, who should I contact?
A. Please send questions by email to or phone him on 07901 726419

EUSR SHEA GAS Course content

The Course comprises nine modules with safety, health and environmental content

  1. Understanding our workplace responsibilities.
  2. Understanding the effects of our work on the environment
  3. Identifying and controlling risks 
  4. Common hazards in the workplace
  5. Highway working and excavations
  6. Pressure regulating installations (gas utility specific section)
  7. Safety in premises (gas utility specific section)
  8. Occupational health hazards 
  9. Responding to emergencies

In greater detail below

Module 1 – Understanding our workplace responsibilities

This module aims to familiarise individuals with the underpinning legal frameworks, definitions and their application in the workplace setting, including the responsibilities for both the individual (as an employee) and their employer.

Module 2 – Understanding the effects of our work on the environment
This module aims to develop individuals’ understanding of the key environmental considerations in the workplace, and their impact as employees, on the sustainability of their environment.

Module 3 – Identifying and controlling risks

This module helps individuals to identify and control risks and hazards, and understand their role in preventing them through a range of positive and proactive health and safety behaviours.

Module 4 – Common hazards in the workplace

This module develops the individual’s ability to both identify a range of common physical hazards and minimise their impact in the workplace, in line with CSCS requirements.

Module 5 – Highway working and excavations

This module provides the individual with an understanding of the processes and procedures required to work in the highway; this includes both public and private environments and creating a safe working environment through safe systems of work. The individual will know what to do in the case of an emergency.

Module 6 – Pressure regulating installations (Gas specific module)

This module provides the individual with an understanding of the journey gas makes from below the earth to the beach and eventually to the customer and the types of risks associated with pressure regulating gas installations.

Module 7 – Safety in premises – (Gas specific module)

This module provides the individual with an understanding of the requirements to working safely in domestic and commercial premises. It also examines how to communicate effectively with customers

Module 8 – Occupational health hazards and their prevention

Explaining the meaning of ‘occupational health’ and develop the individual’s understanding of a range of occupational health hazards and their requirements.

Module 9 – Responding to emergencies

Understanding the emergency response behaviours, the tasks of reporting, inspection and enforcement of health & safety in the workplace. Understanding of the impact on employee and employer of both poor and best practice health and safety in the workplace.

Revised March 2023.

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